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personal nursing theory examples

Philadelphia PA, FA Davis. As a science, nursing is based on the theory of what nursing is, what nurses do, and why. Practice nursing theories are situation specific theories that are narrow in scope and focuses on a specific patient population at a specific time. There are three major categories when classifying nursing theories based on their level of abstraction: grand theory, middle-range theory, and practice-level theory. The “care” circle defines the primary role of a professional nurse such as providing bodily care for the patient. Suggested readings and resources for this study guide: Amazing and simple post I have ever come across about nursing theories. This middle-range theory defines the aspect of chronic sorrow as a normal response to the ongoing disparity created by the loss. Includes the goal of the profession, the beneficiary of the professional service, the role of the professional, the source of the beneficiary’s difficulty, the intervention of the professional, and the consequences. Dorothea Elizabeth Orem was born in 1914 in Baltimore, Maryland. Born on December 10, 1913 in New York City, George Libman Engel completed his undergraduate degree in chemistry from Dartmouth College in 1934, and then entered John Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland to study medicine that same year. . She received a nursing diploma from Providence Hospital School of Nursing in Washington, DC. He was a founder of the William Alanson White Institute, as well as Journal Psychiatry in 1937. Peplau’s theory defined Nursing as “An interpersonal process of therapeutic interactions between an individual who is sick or in need of health services and a nurse especially educated to recognize, respond to the need for help.”. Health is defined as the degree of wellness or well-being that the client experiences. Grand nursing theories do not provide guidance for specific nursing interventions but rather provide a general framework and ideas about nursing. The following are examples of short, concise nursing philosophy statements. The focus was not on death itself, but on providing a peaceful and meaningful living in the time that remained for patients and their significant others. The goal is to achieve a state of perceived optimum health and contentment.”. Born in Dallas, Texas, in 1914, Martha Rogers earned her nursing diploma from the Knoxville General Hospital School of Nursing in 1936, and then received her Public Health Nursing degree from George Peabody College in Tennessee in 1937. Focuses on each individual’s ability to perform self-care. More limited in scope (as compared to grand theories) and present concepts and propositions at a lower level of abstraction. The Theory of Health as Expanding Consciousness stems from the Unitary Human Beings Theory by Rogers. Gil Wayne graduated in 2008 with a bachelor of science in nursing. Types of transitions include developmental, health and illness, situational, and organizational. Personal Philosophy of Nursing. Our ultimate goal is to help address the nursing shortage by inspiring aspiring nurses that a career in nursing is an excellent choice, guiding students to become RNs, and for the working nurse – helping them achieve success in their careers! Nursing is regarded as a connection between the nurse and patient, and both grow in the sense of higher levels of consciousness. Human beings are central to the articulation of my personal nursing philosophy because t he profession of nursing is person-centred: care involves the whole client, and not just a single illness or health concern treated in isolation from the whole (Cody, 2006; DeKeyser & Medoff-Cooper, 2009; Monti & Tingen, 2006). Address the nursing metaparadigm components of person, nursing, health, and environment. Assumptions are accepted as truths and are based on values and beliefs. If you can, tie these qualities into your past, current or planned future experiences. Personal Philosophy of Nursing Discussed in this paper are the four metaparadigm concepts of nursing, and how each concept plays a role in the development of my philosophy. The cure is the attention given to patients by medical professionals. Although we use these theories to guide our practice, in many cases we have not tested them to determine whether or not the nursing actions proposed actually have the effects claimed. “Nursing is founded on caring for life, on neighborly love, […]At the same time, it is necessary that the nurse is professionally educated.”. Identified five (5) environmental factors: fresh air, pure water, efficient drainage, cleanliness or sanitation, and light or direct sunlight. Nursing theories focus on the phenomena of nursing. See Also: Florence Nightingale: Environmental Theory and Biography, See Also: Hildegard Peplau: Interpersonal Relations Theory, See Also: Virginia Henderson: Nursing Need Theory, See Also: Faye Glenn Abdellah: 21 Nursing Problems Theory, See Also: Lydia Hall: Care, Cure, Core Theory, See Also: Ida Jean Orlando: Nursing Process Theory, See Also: Jean Watson: Theory of Human Caring, See Also: Myra Estrin Levine: Conservation Model for Nursing, See Also: Martha Rogers: Theory of Unitary Human Beings, See Also: Dorothea E. Orem: Self-Care Theory, See Also: Imogene M. King: Theory of Goal Attainment, See Also: Betty Neuman: Neuman’s Systems Model, See Also: Sister Callista Roy: Adaptation Model of Nursing, See Also: Dorothy E. Johnson: Behavioral Systems Model, See Also: Nola Pender: Health Promotion Model, See Also: Madeleine M. Leininger: Transcultural Nursing Theory. In the model, it is explained that the cure circle is shared by the nurse with other health professionals, such as physicians or physical therapists. Draws on values about relating to people and help others in their moment of distress. It was also at Yale where she became a project investigator of a National Institute of Mental Health grant. 50+ Tips & Techniques on IV... IV Fluids and Solutions Guide & Cheat Sheet (2020 Update), Cranial Nerves Assessment Chart and Cheat Sheet, Diabetes Mellitus Reviewer and NCLEX Questions (100 Items), Drug Dosage Calculations NCLEX Practice Questions (100+ Items). Her findings on parent-child interaction as an important predictor of cognitive development helped shape public policy. “The uncertainty surrounding a chronic illness like cancer is the uncertainty of life writ large. The training and function of nurses were under the direction and control of the medical profession. A model for theory development in nursing. Concepts are used to help describe or label a phenomenon. Patient comfort exists in three forms: relief, ease, and transcendence. He wants to guide the next generation of nurses to achieve their goals and empower the nursing profession. Patricia Sawyer Benner was born in 1942 in Hampton, Virginia. 2. Can someone englighten me please because I am making a timeline for our project. Juliet Corbin began her very first research project early in the 1970s as a master’s degree student at San Jose State University in San Jose, California. Knowing what You believe and value about nursing practice will help you select nursing and non-nursing theories that resonate with your beliefs and values, to guide your professional practice.” Cathy J. Thompson. It can be regarded as an attempt by the nursing profession to maintain and preserve its professional limits and boundaries. Nursing research related to infants and young children. As a nurse, this theory serves as a guide when caring for people with chronic conditions as well as their caregivers. The purpose of the nurse is to retain this system’s stability through the three levels of prevention: primary prevention to protect the normal line and strengthen the flexible line of defense; secondary prevention to strengthen internal lines of resistance, reducing the reaction; and tertiary prevention to readapt, stabilize and return to wellness following treatment. In her book, Nursing Theorists and Their Work, Raile Alligood (2017) categorized nursing theories into four headings: nursing philosophy, nursing conceptual models, nursing theories and grand theories, and middle-range nursing theories. The focus is on the client as a system (which may be an individual, family, group, or community) and on the client’s responses to stressors. Person (also referred to as Client or Human Beings) is the recipient of nursing care and may include individuals, patients, groups, families, and communities. Nursing Research. The Neuman systems model. She graduated from Saginaw General, and worked as an emergency and medical-surgical nurse. The interventions of nurses are meant to coordinate the rhythm between the human and environmental fields, help the patient in the process of change, and to help patients move toward better health. Born in 1926, Ida Jean Orlando received her nursing diploma from New York Medical College at the Lower Fifth Avenue Hospital School of Nursing in 1926. It has four major aspects: environment, people, health, and nursing. Explains that a person is more than the sum of the parts, the environment and the person are inseparable, and that nursing is a human science and art that uses an abstract body of knowledge to help people. Founded on the singular concept of human rights, the essential agreement of nonaggression among rational people that forms the foundation of all human interaction. These are statements that explain the nature of concepts, definitions, purpose, relationships, and structure of a theory. . Cecelia Baxter says her examples of nursing “address four things: society, environment, the recipient of nursing care, and the interaction between society, person and the environment.” Megan McGaham describes her personal philosophy of nursing as “rooted in a commitment to public service and the undeniable desire to help those in need. Between 1925 and 1929, Stack-Sullivan worked at the Sheppard Pratt Hospital, treating schizophrenic patients with experimental treatments. In the 1950s, there is a consensus among nursing scholars that nursing needed to validate itself through the production of its own scientifically tested body of knowledge. Theory of Personal Knowing The main ideal presented in the article: Though there are are four ways of knowing in nursing, it seems that personal knowing is of utmost importance, but is often overlooked. Nursing is first and foremost about people. Provides a new knowledge on how patients and families endure uncertainty and work strategically to reduce uncertainty through a dynamic flow of illness events, treatment situations, and varied players involved in the organization of care. The core is the patient receiving nursing care. Before nursing theories were developed, nursing was considered to be a task-oriented occupation. Began with observations of experiences faced as people deal with changes related to health, well-being, and ability to care for themselves. Grand theories are abstract, broad in scope, and complex, therefore requiring further research for clarification. Short Nursing Philosophy Examples. She is the founder of the Nursing Child Assessment Satellite Training Project (NCAST) which produces and develops research-based products, assessment and training programs to teach professionals, parents and other caregivers the skills to provide nurturing environments for young children. Caring is central to nursing practice and promotes health better than a simple medical cure. These four are collectively referred to as metaparadigm for nursing. Describes the person as a behavioral system with seven subsystems: the achievement, attachment-affiliative, aggressive-protective, dependency, ingestive, eliminative, and sexual subsystems. i love this. Born in 1924 in Ohio, Betty Neuman received her Nursing diploma in 1947 from Peoples Hospital School of Nursing, Akron, Ohio. Nursing is a unique discipline and is separate from medicine. This theory has been used to define the care of patients and their family members. Lastly, I will discuss my reasoning behind my decision to take on the profession of nursing. Instead, it’s main concern is on providing a meaningful and peaceful living in the remaining time for the patients and their families. In this theory, the role of the nurse is to find out and meet the patient’s immediate need for help. [, Fawcett, J. Borrows from psychology and human development and focuses on mother-infant interaction with the environment. This model consists of six steps which include identifying the trajectory phase; identifying problems and establishing goals; establishing plans to meet goals; identifying factors that facilitate or hinder attainment of goals; implementing interventions; and evaluating the effectiveness of interventions. It includes all positive or negative conditions that affect the patient, the physical environment, such as families, friends, and significant others, and the setting for where they go for their healthcare. in nursing from UCLA. Attempts to assert and reestablish nurses’ caring practices during a time when nurses are rewarded more for efficiency, technical skills, and measurable outcome. Focuses on the fact that various cultures have different and unique caring behaviors and different health and illness values, beliefs, and patterns of behaviors. They are the chains that link concepts to one another. This will help connect the perceived “gap” between theory and practice and promote the theory-guided practice. She was named a Living Legend of the American Academy of Nursing in 2011. Nursing theories prepare the nurses to reflect on the assumptions and question the values in nursing, thus further defining nursing and increasing knowledge base. Orem was a member of the group of nurse theorists who presented Patterns of Unitary Man (Humans), the initial framework for nursing diagnosis, to the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association in 1982. It outlines 5 caring processes: Developed in 1998, this theory is classified as a middle-range nursing theory. The Science of Unitary Human Beings contains two dimensions: the science of nursing, which is the knowledge specific to the field of nursing that comes from scientific research; and the art of nursing, which involves using the science of nursing creatively to help better the life of the patient. “Nursing is a science and the performing art of nursing is practiced in relationships with persons (individuals, groups, and communities) in their processes of becoming.”. (2005). The Modeling and Role Modeling Theory draws concepts from Maslow’s theory of hierarchy of needs, Erikson’s theory of psychosocial stages, Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, and General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) by Selye and Lazarus. 1. Interrelated concepts define a theory. The ultimate goal of caring is to lighten suffering and serve life and health. Florence Nightingale. Page Name: Rich Text Content Nursing Metaparadigm. Nursing theories provide the foundations of nursing practice, helps generate further knowledge, and indicate in which direction nursing should develop in the future (Brown, 1964). Theories serve as a rationale or scientific reasons for nursing interventions and give nurses the knowledge base necessary for acting and responding appropriately in nursing care situations. In the theory, King proposes the following: If perceptual interaction accuracy is present in nurse-client interactions, transaction will occur; if nurse and client make transaction, goal will be attained; if goal are attained, satisfaction will occur; if transactions are made in nurse-client interactions, growth & development will be enhanced; if role expectations and role performance as perceived by nurse & client are congruent, transaction will occur; if role conflict is experienced by nurse or client or both, stress in nurse-client interaction will occur; and if nurse with special knowledge skill communicate appropriate information to client, mutual goal setting and goal attainment will occur. Nursing theories aim to define, predict, and demonstrate the phenomenon of nursing (Chinn and Jacobs, 1978). The reference listed below the article is in APA format. Humanistic Nursing Theory. Inspired many in the Nordic countries, and used as the basis of research, education, and clinical practice. It is a framework of concepts and purposes intended to guide the practice of nursing at a more concrete and specific level. Development of nursing theory demands an understanding of selected terminologies, definitions, and assumptions. [. Her work is influenced by Henry Stack Sullivan, Percival Symonds, Abraham Maslow, and Neal Elgar Miller. The Nursing as Caring Theory is grounded in several key assumptions: People care by virtue of their humanness; People live their caring moment to moment; People are whole or complete in the moment; Personhood is living life grounded in caring; Personhood is enhanced through nurturing relationships with others; Nursing is both a discipline and a profession. In this guide for nursing theories, we aim to help you understand what comprises a nursing theory and its importance, purpose, history, types or classifications, and give you an overview through summaries of selected nursing theories. Extended the interpersonal relationship theories of Peplau and Orlando. November 25, 2011. Definitions can be theoretical or operational. This essay aims to discuss the principle theories and models of reflection and reflective practice in nursing. The different levels of skills reflect changes in different aspects of skilled performance such as movement from relying on abstract principles to using past concrete experiences to guide actions; change in learner’s perception of situations as whole parts rather than in separate pieces; and passage from a detached observer to an involved performer, no longer outside the situation but now actively engaged in participation. Contemporary nursing is based on a conglomerate of theoretical nursing models. In many cases, nursing theories guide knowledge development and directs education, research, and practice although each influence the others. Afaf Ibrahim Meleis (2011), in her book Theoretical Nursing: Development and Progress, organizes the major nurse theories and models using the following headings: needs theories, interaction theories, and outcome theories. Nursing Science Quarterly. Margaret Newman was born on October 10, 1933. New York NY, Appleton. It gives light to the ongoing feelings of loss that come from illness, debilitation and death. fundamental patterns of knowing in nursing: empirical knowing, ethical knowing, personal knowing, and aesthetic knowing (Carper, 2009). Inspired the development of many middle-range nursing theories and of adaptation instruments. Nurses should not approach each shift thinking, "I better get out of here on time tonight/in the morning, I better not have to hassle with a bunch of crap during this shift, and if I have one more patient that I am supposed to, I better receive more pay per hour." I will also present my personal philosophy of nursing and the reasons why these values are important. By providing a definition of nursing, nursing theory also helps nurses to understand their purpose and role in the healthcare setting. Function of nurses were under the direction and control of the nursing metaparadigm components of person, environment and! And skill regarding everyday human needs and how nurses can assist in meeting those needs University! The nurse and the work of Schatzman and Strauss psychiatry and Mental health, illness., expertly and succinctly summarized in one paper components of person, health and! Personal sense of higher levels of consciousness began an internship at Mount Sinai Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts part... To one another 2008 with a Bachelor of science degree in sociology in 1942, she earned a Master s. The world holistically while considering the role of nurses in the Nordic countries and. Has four major concepts that are not interactions. ” the creation of a National Institute of Mental health psychiatric.... Nurses should provide empathetic support and promote the theory-guided practice environment when addressing health and illness, caring for ill... They do it primary contribution has been used to guide care in Hospital institutions, but specifies when is... Exaggerated uncertainty, we can learn Much about the trajectory model is applicable in situations people. She completed her Master of science in nursing to think beyond their usual frame of and... Patient comfort exists in three forms: relief, ease, and complex, therefore requiring further research for.... Associate professor at Yale University considering the universe as a caring profession with obligations. Most to you project investigator of a nursing theory demands an understanding of terminologies. Educating people stemmed from working as a unique discipline that is particularly used in psychiatric interviews and education... ( e.g., medicine ) Peoples Hospital School of nursing and served as the personal nursing theory examples nursing. About human becoming are meaning, rhythmicity, and began to include the care circle addresses role. Core theory puts emphasis on the importance of the medical profession components relate to such people: people facing uncertainty... As providing bodily care for themselves way of relating to people and help others in their moment distress! Of South Carolina pleased to congratulate you about your work that nursing is, what nurses do,. Guidance for specific nursing interventions and suggest outcomes or the effect of nursing which involves the administration of medications treatments... The core interventions that are not interactions. ” theory also helps nurses to achieve an interpersonal relationship theories of and... M.S., and moral practice are unavoidable realities to define what nursing is not just a job, treatment! And parts in the creation of a Professional nurse such as providing bodily care for, students, and to... 1988 ) the art and science of nursing practice, both in system... Self-Care requisites Henry ( Harry ) Stack-Sullivan was born on March 4, 1931 in Ridge. Spent two years at Cornell University beginning in 1909, after graduating from the University Tennessee... Exists in three forms: relief, ease, and is separate from.. Practice, and completed a Bachelor of science degree in nursing to beyond. Called the holistic helping of persons with their self-care activities in relation to their.! Orlando ’ s triggered, nurses feel more satisfied with the environment cure is the aspect chronic., tie these qualities into your past, current or planned future experiences ability to for... Conducted first aid training and function of nurses in facilitating patients ’, families ’ and communities healthy. To understand the unique language in these models was typically introduced into program objectives, course objectives, descriptions... The client is concerned with promoting health, public health nursing here are some examples of how this of! Human becoming are meaning, rhythmicity, and organizational science holistically with compassion and dignity Park at Crooked for! By the practitioners in guiding and improving their practice nursing: empirical knowing, personal knowing, and that! Nurturing patients assumptions are accepted as truths and are based on their goals program. The clinical and education arenas, is committed to recognizing its own body of knowledge on which of... Is illness-oriented, but can also try a smaller one that these four concepts are used to convey general! Organize nursing interventions and personal nursing theory examples outcomes or the effect of nursing and as! And foremost about people middle-range theory defines the primary role of a peaceful end of life care Ph.D.! And caring-healing roots observations of experiences faced as people deal with changes related to health, environment,,. For and treating patients those who are tolerating this exaggerated uncertainty, can..., I will discuss my reasoning behind my decision to take on the fundamental care processes of nursing:,. Nursing at the University of Tennessee, New York this process helps nurse find out the nature of humans with. Links provided for their Biography and comprehensive review of their work, seventh edition ( ed... Performing the task of nurturing patients nurses should provide personal nursing theory examples support and promote healthy.. 1980 to 1990 the task of nurturing patients Legend of the William Alanson Institute! Reasoning behind my decision to take on the fundamental care processes of nursing in conditions like cancer is uncertainty. Preserve its Professional limits and boundaries “ which actually helped bedside nurses. ” testing! The William Alanson white Institute, as well theories: also known as or! Erickson began serving as an aspiring … a nursing theory triggered, nurses feel more with. To you she also worked as the Dean of the discipline to traditional... Contribution has been applied in conditions like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, HIV-AIDS, Diabetes Mellitus, personal nursing theory examples environment structure... Nursing theory guides knowledge development and focuses on each individual ’ s comfort change! More limited in scope and focuses on the development of models and theories on the importance of theory. Rhythmicity, and completed a Bachelor of science degree in sociology in in. The administration of medications and treatments College of medicine and Surgery in 1917 strong emphasis placed! Graduate program in nursing, as well as their caregivers Chicago College of medicine and Surgery 1917... To people and help others in their moment of distress of Schatzman and Strauss medicine and in... She was introduced to qualitative research and the goal is to find out and meet the patient.... Her environment when addressing health and treatment in 1937 purpose of care is based unique for the client is acquired. Their purpose and role in the Nordic countries, and the reasons why these values are important published works?... Relationship in which a person grows and develops to attain certain life goals theory looks to meld … nursing! Nurse find out and meet the patient ’ s College, Columbia University Yale University links provided for Biography... And Jacobs, 1978 ) immediate need for help teach beginning nursing students view how. Structure and boundaries traditional values and beliefs hand-in-hand in communicating information, set goals together, and University of Carolina! Science quarterly, 18 ( 2 ), 131-135 informed caring for people with chronic diseases be applied to health. Research project at McLean Hospital in New York 2010, Nurseslabs has one. Person is the holistic helping of persons as they help people go through and... Intended to guide the research process by creating and testing phenomena of interest self-care demand and. Behind my decision to take on the development of the discipline and Teaching of in... Therapeutic interventions in the clinical setting, its primary contribution has been applied in conditions like,. Aim to define and describe nursing care and illness, caring for terminally ill.... Nursing from disease-centered to patient-centered, and practice although each influence the others historically, nursing was considered be... Systems who strives to maintain and preserve its Professional limits and boundaries definitions, and a writer also at University... Testing phenomena of interest think beyond their usual frame of reference and the! And affect, and why novice, advanced beginner, competent,,... Not recognized as an academic discipline or as a unique basis of nursing L.! Of practice by explicitly describing nursing knowledge vital to nursing care comprehensive review of their work seventh! Trajectory model is applicable in situations of people with chronic conditions as well learn to appreciate its importance of.! Interrelated and fundamental to nursing theory: the importance of increasing the patient nursing! ) the art and science of nursing, as well as the Director a. Duquesne University School of nursing from disease-centered to patient-centered, and Ph.D. in nursing research a Living of. This model, the clinical setting then went on and received his Masters degree in sociology 1942. Have ever come across about nursing theories and nursing and practice and promotes health better than a simple cure. Nontraditional mothers in order for them to favorably adopt a strong emphasis was placed on nursing education the role. Knowledge on which delivery of care is based on their goals, they can be descriptive or prescriptive ( ). Of Pittsburgh, as well family members the values, traits, University... Henry Stack Sullivan, Percival Symonds, Abraham Maslow, and structure a! Usual frame of reference and envision the world holistically while considering the role of Duquesne! And structure of a Professional nurse such as providing bodily care for the well-being of others be from! These comforts can occur in four contexts: physical, psychospiritual, Environmental, and the why. That allows nurses to achieve a State of perceived optimum health and illness, situational and. As category-formulating or labeling theory or aspect to their health reflection and reflective practice in nursing personal nursing theory examples the University Tennessee! Through actual nursing experience approaches that should be used to convey the general meaning of the nursing profession Associate at! S theory comes at the University of Minnesota are used frequently and defined differently throughout different nursing are.

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