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These cookies do not store any personal information. Framework Score; Laravel: 91: Symfony: 83: CodeIgniter: 82: CakePHP: 76: Zend: 72: … Slack Integration; Slack is a web messaging software for enabling interactions in teams. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Other scripting languages that can be cast-off sidewise from PHP are ASP and Ruby. We have added new parameters and features. Popular PHP Frameworks List. The components and used by many CMSes. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Blogging Since 2009. , The top four PHP solutions and their main features, The top four PHP frameworks comparison table. Yii. PHP >= 7: Any Yes Push Yes Yes PHPUnit, Selenium, Jasmine: Yes Yes Yes APC, Database, File Yes Yes Yes Bootstrap: Laravel: PHP >= 5.5.9 Any Yes Push Yes Eloquent: PHPUnit: Yes Yes Yes APC, Database, File, Memcache, Redis: Yes Yes Yes Yes Li3 (Lithium) PHP >= 5.3.6 Any Yes Push Yes Yes Unit tests, builtin test framework or other independent No PHP is known as the world’s most famous web programming language of which various PHP developers are making use. This is my eleventh post in this series. If I can leave my high paying C# job in an MNC in the midst of global financial crisis of 2008, anybody can do it. Laravel is probably the most popular and best PHP framework available out there that you should use. It provides a modular structure of applications and is ideal for creating scalable solutions. Because the frameworks are free and opensource, the adaption is faster which makes the community of developers working with the framework grow at a much faster rate. It is a convenient list, a one stop shop if you like, of the best free PHP frameworks available today for your next Web project.. Leave a reply Cancel reply. As software development tools continuously change to follow the latest trends, and as new frameworks emerge, we gathered a list of the best PHP frameworks for 2020. CodeIgniter is one of the oldest PHP frameworks, a brainchild of Rick Ellis in 2006. As a freelancer, the choice of programming should be based on its popularity and competition. WebTurtles LLP. Zend framework not only is popular among freelancer but Zend certifications are must when applying for many PHP jobs as well. I think the best php framework is Laravel. They offer so much more than just a way to reuse the code. PHP frameworks make agile development possible. Symfony. Laravel is one such opportunity for PHP developers were the popularity is on the rise and the competition isn’t as fierce. Equipped with tons of exciting feature, ‘Laravel’ is another brilliant stroke for PHP framework. There are many PHP frameworks available and it can get confusing and difficult to figure out the best ones. Reading Time: 4 mins. The framework is an extensive PHP framework, and it is the sole framework which follows the standards of PHP and web completely. To be on the list, the framework needed to be PHP based (4 or 5), and have releases or code updates in the last 12 months. What PHP frameworks stand for? 6 Best PHP frameworks List 6 Best PHP frameworks List. If I can leave my high paying C# job in an MNC in the midst of global financial crisis of 2008, anybody can do it. The best part of Symfony framework is it isn’t only a framework out of the box but also provide components and reusable PHP libraries to get started building the skeleton of an application even faster. Reading Time: 4 mins. Here is the rest of the list of PHP frameworks. Key Features of Slim . PHP is the most popular scripting language for backend web development. The Yii (Yes, it is!) The image below shows the popular PHP frameworks and the percentage of their users. PHP is a widely used, powerful programming language that permits us to ripen massive web applications. Posted on April 30, 2018, last updated on February 23, 2020. Top PHP MVC Framework List for 2019 Laravel. In 2020, your choice of a PHP framework will depend on the project in question, so far we have sorted a list of reliable and best PHP frameworks that would surely help businesses in 2020. May 16 2020. Yii is a free, open-source Web application development framework written in PHP5 that promotes clean, DRY design and encourages rapid development. Here are... 2) Codeigniter. framework is a simple, secure, efficient and evolutionary PHP framework featured in this list of top 10 PHP frameworks. Read more about me here. February 19 2019. PHP is the most used web language on the web. Created a high-performing and secure mobile app using Laravel. The community is growing really fast and it can be one of those frameworks that have a very high potential to grow. This list of PHP frameworks is really good and their usage is quite simple (especially once you get the hang of it). Written in PHP5, it offers various features like RESTful routing, native PHP or a lightweight tempting engine etc. Zend Framework 3 is gaining popularity as they have made a significant improvement in performance. The 4 best PHP frameworks. Simply put, Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks used by developers today. Since 2015’s Sitepoint survey showed that Laravel framework has excellent documentation, robust features and a growing support community which made Laravel a clear winner in the list of PHP frameworks. Symfony components are used by popular content management systems such as Drupal, OroCRM, and PHP Bulletin Board (PHPBB). The reason for its popularity is its simplicity with lightweight footprint. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. 10 Popular PHP frameworks in 2020 1. A popular PHP MVC framework introduced in 2011 is Laravel. If you have a large project on your hands, then the best PHP frameworks for performance are Zend and Symfony. Here’s the list of the best PHP frameworks: Laravel. After view of Google Trend graph, we can now get the answer which is the best framework in 2018. It being the best PHP framework for your development comes with many helpful features devoted to assisting Slim developers, also in the most challenging scenarios. This category has the following 2 subcategories, out of 2 total. Laravel is one of the widely used PHP frameworks that have expressive and neat language rules, which makes web... Symfony. Google Trends [2019]: PHP framework usage (click image larger display) As can be seen clearly in the above Google Trends, Laravel is surely racing ahead in the list of best PHP Frameworks … We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. JonWillkns Reply. Hosted with Siteground. Other PHP Frameworks List. Top 42 PHP Frameworks for Web Development in 2020 Laravel. Here is a “PHP MVC Framework CodeIgniter Tutorial for Beginners” on Udemy. Also Read: 7 Ways College Student Can Make Money Programming Remotely. Posted on April 30, 2018, last updated on February 23, 2020 . The best part of Yii framework is, they have hundreds of extensions (both by the Yii Official team as well as user-contributed extensions) that makes YII framework really popular among its community. I miss Adive framework for PHP7 :P. Ruslan Reply. Despite being... 2. The framework is a comprehensive PHP framework and is the only framework that fully complies with the standards of PHP and the web. If it was close they have been left in the list. Enough with the lecture, now let’s meet the top 7 PHP frameworks. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. According to W3tech survey Stat, PHP is used by 82% of the majority web server. There are plenty of … 3 – CodeIgniter CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint, built for developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications. The Zend Framework is the best PHP frameworks for businesses, and its enterprise support is favored by companies and individuals alike all across the world. One of the reasons why PHP has retained its position as the top server-side management language is its advanced frameworks. CodeIgniter 4 is in alpha stage for quite sometime now but even the CodeIgniter 3 is a major enhancement over the version 2. Fastest framework for large-scale applications, Handles a large number of requests per seconds. The same is seen in Google Trends. It is powerful component-based PHP framework for large-scale web applications. Here is the list of other PHP frameworks : Kohana; Fat-Free; PHP-Mini; Zikula; Simple PHP Framework; LI3; silex; If you need advice on which framework is good for as per your requirement or you have any questions then comment below. It is an open-source, free PHP framework and was introduced in 2011. Incorporated the software with hardware, high-loaded back-end, sensors, and control boxes. As we have said, there are numerous PHP solutions, currently presented on the market. Best Free PHP Frameworks 1. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. The name Yii Framework is an acronym of ‘Yes It Is’. As far as frameworks are concerned, Laravel Framework is the best PHP framework. It has gain popularity in a very short span of time because of its focus on high performance. The most popular PHP MVC frameworks which are mostly used by the developers are Laravel, Symfony, Yii 2, Zend framework and few others. Being one of the highly popular PHP frameworks among … Below is the list of popular php frameworks: 1. PHP frameworks are web-oriented, meaning that they help developers build web applications more productively. Here is a course on Laravel by Edwin Diaz “PHP with Laravel for beginners – Become a Master in Laravel” which I have recommended to many of my friends and colleague who wanted to get started programming in PHP with Laravel. Above are the most popular PHP frameworks. LIST OF Top 6 PHP FRAMEWORKS #1. The question is which one is the best for a web developer freelancer? It is one of my choice of PHP framework for any new freelancer who is looking to get in PHP and want to explore frameworks. Wikimedia Commons has media related to PHP frameworks. Integrated the back-end with two mobile applications. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Symfony is a flexible, scalable yet powerful PHP framework for MVC application. These frameworks have revolutionized programming in PHP. It has come up with its latest version is known as Yii 2 to garner a much-needed popularity boost. If you are tasked with creating jaw-dropping websites that have all the latest trends and features, then you should go with CakePHP. Introduced in 2011, Laravel has become the most popular free, open-source PHP framework in the world. LLPIN: AAL-5288. Shabbir Bhimani: Start and Grow an Online Business. In fact, Yii is one of the oldest PHP frameworks out there. And this makes it to the List of PHP Frameworks in 2021. A powerful and simple PHP framework, CodeIgniter is known for its flexibility and problem-free... 3) Symfony. The PHP framework provides some useful features that help to streamline the development process of the PHP applications that should be included in the application architecture. CakePHP has lost some of it’s popularity to Symfony and CodeIgniter but it is still one of the popular frameworks that make building websites simpler, faster and require less code to write. The last one on our list of top PHP frameworks is Fat-Free Framework. The 7 most widely used rapid application development web frameworks in PHP are Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP, YII, PhaconPHP and Zend Framework. Laravel has taken the PHP programming world by surprise with its ever-increasing popularity. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Why Use A PHP Framework? PHP frameworks like laravel and Content Management Systems (CMS) like PhpBB have adapted the Symfony components and started to follow in its footsteps. As the new frameworks are being developed, the old frameworks lose their popularity if they don’t keep up with the pace. List Of Popular PHP Frameworks; So let us get started then, Introduction To PHP Frameworks. It gives developers the ease to build highly advanced web applications integrated with optimized features. Some of the widely used PHP frameworks are Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP, FuelPHP, Phalcon, Slim and Zend Framework. CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework and yet it doesn’t too much overhead. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Being a classic... Symfony. They make it easier to grow your application over time and scale. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Especially the route, resource function is very good. Here is the Beginning YII course on Udemy. On top of it, they also provide tutorials and documentation to get the onboarding framework much easier. @IMTips I guide programmers and developers to Start and Grow an Online Business. Besides, we ensured the smooth Android app operation using Symfony 4. Get in touch with me on LinkedIn or read more about me here. So it has many rapid application development frameworks also known as web frameworks. 2. PHP. Among other PHP frameworks, Laravel, Code Igniter, and Symfony are definitely the leaders. So getting help on any issue for the framework is much easier over the Internet. This is an open-source micro-framework PHP that maximally helps to avoid the introduction of unnecessary code blocks and structures. Phalcon is a relatively new framework but gaining a lot of popularity because it is a full-stack PHP framework delivered as a C-extension. Blogging Since 2009. For each framework, we will be briefly exploring the essential features, the benefits, the scale and type of projects it … 1) Laravel. The advantages of the Fat-Free Framework are: Top PHP Framework List for Freelancers in 2020. Laravel Laravel. The best place to start learning CakePHP is from the official CookBook available at It runs 4x faster than version Zend Framework 2. Laravel. For the purposes of this article and site, the framework needed to have information available in English, though not necessarily as the first language. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Being a PHP developer for a decade, I have dealt with most of them in some form or the other. List of PHP Frameworks. The 7 most widely used rapid application development web frameworks in PHP are Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP, YII, PhaconPHP and Zend Framework. : This is a category for PHP Frameworks which is a subcategory of PHP software.. Subcategories. Why? If you are starting a new PHP project you should definitely consider picking a modern PHP framework to provide well-organized, reusable and maintainable code. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Symfony. As an example, Laravel uses many Symfony components. The components of the Symfony 2 framework are used by many impressive projects such as the Drupal content management system, or the phpBB forum software, but Laravel – the framework listed above – also relies on it.Symfony has a wide developer community and many ardent fans.. Symfony Components are reusable PHP libraries that you can complete different tasks with, … Google trends indicate there is not much of a difference in popularity of CodeIgniter and Symfony. 1- Laravel – Best PHP frameworks List Laravel – Best PHP frameworks List. The PHP Laravel Development framework is probably the most popular one among web developers. Our team expanded a data processing toolset to make it more scalable. In addition to being a framework, Zend also offers several tools to ease the development process, such as its own flavor of PHP (very similar to the open source version but with more support). @IMTips I guide programmers and developers to Start and Grow an Online Business. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. The framework’s main goal is to take the drag from... CodeIgniter. Some of the salient features of each of framework include MVC architecture, security, scalability, ease of database handling, security with database connectivity, caching etc. Here are the most most popular PHP Frameworks in 2020. 2009 - 2020 All my content & images are licensed as Creative Commons. 2. 7 Ways College Student Can Make Money Programming Remotely, PHP with Laravel for beginners – Become a Master in Laravel, PHP MVC Framework CodeIgniter Tutorial for Beginners”.

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